Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meet The Blisterz!

"And now here they are, all the way from Liverpool, New York....The Blisterz!"

Writers, even the famous or infamous ones, haven't always stuck to just writing. Hemingway had his fish and mounted buffalo heads. Faulkner had his farm. Mailer had his movies. Zeltserman's got his karate. And I've got my punk rock. More specifically, I've got the drums that I play in an upstate New York punk outfit called, The Blisterz.

Consider us a side project, or consider us a way to blow off steam, or don't consider us at all. But there's something deeply satisfying about heading out to band practice after a hard day's night of writing. And besides, playing in band makes me feel young, even if half the bands we often share a stage with are young enough to be our kids!

But the song I present for you below is the first single lifted from our new album, "Rebels Without Applause," which is a line taken from the guitarist's own song, which in a real way demonstrates his own skill at wordplay.

Sometimes I like to imagine my characters listening to The Blisterz.

Maybe Rebecca Underhill from THE REMAINS likes to paint and listen to some punk rock. Maybe Keeper Marconi from THE INNOCENT and GODCHILD, a drummer himself, likes to spend a lonely night drumming to one of our albums. One thing's most definite: Ava "Spike" Harrison in the forthcoming new series, CONCRETE PEARL, is most definitely a Blisterz fan, and as you will see when the book is published in just a couple of months, The Blisterz will actually help her solve a serious crime/murder. In that respect, I am now officially writing meta-fiction since one of the characters in the novel is, yup, you guessed it, yours truly: Vinnie Blister.

Ok, so now, picture Ed Sullivan taking the stage:

"And now, here they are, all the way from Liverpool, New York, THE BLISTERZ!":

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